Dadeo New Orleans Diner & Bar
Welcome to DaDeO's Diner & Bar Dadeo policy - 100% no minors

Welcome to DaDeO's Diner & Bar.

At DaDeO, we takes great pride in our reputation as a neighborhood oriented diner & bar offering our customers a friendly atmosphere and service befitting the Cajun tradition of southern hospitality.

We strive to capture the delightful variety of authentic Cajun cooking and bring our patrons an exciting taste of New Orleans in a retro 50's style diner. We have vinyl booths lining the walls, mini-jukes at each of the tables, and great music is always in the air.

DaDeO New Orleans Diner & Bar is the place for good times, great music, and fantastic food. Whether you're craving a Po'boy, some Jambalaya or a slice of Key Lime pie, we have something to suit all tastes. We hope you enjoy our unique interpretation of country-style dishes from the Pelican State.